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A deeper pursuit of knowledge: Stephen Tam

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

STUDENT STORY: STEPHEN TAM 「未來領袖:結合基督徒世界觀與學問」文憑課程 (class of 2021) Calvin University: Master of Education (class of 2022)

Dental Surgeon, Hope Dental Clinic (盼望牙科診所)

Stephen Tam has had his share of different graduate studies before coming to Lumina College. But after spending time in this academic community, he realized there is more to the pursuit of knowledge than anything he had ever encountered before.

Education from an early age

Early in his life, Stephen was already used to the idea of studying, especially with the prospect of getting a good life by doing well in school. Though he came from a modest family background, his father was keen on making sure his children were well educated, and arranged for Stephen to attend a reputable government secondary school. It was there that Stephen first met a science teacher named Mr. Leung Wing Tai.