Master of Education

(educational leadership)

This Master of Education program with a concentration on Educational Leadership helps you develop the skills, knowledge base, and dispositions you need to become responsive and transformative educators or school leaders. Based on a Christian framework, the curriculum represents a unique blend of understanding and expertise in education, leadership, and organization management. You can go in-depth with the latest theory and research, and you will also have space to work on projects that shape your learning to needs relevant to your own professional context.

Both Calvin and Lumina share a vision of Christian education that brings together deep learning, Christian faith, and the transformative power of the Gospel to shape learning and transform culture.

Dr. Cheryl Brandsen
Provost & Professor of Sociology and Social Work, Calvin University

Why a Master of Education?

Face the challenges of the time.

Go beyond facts and skills to see and act in truth, valuing human dignity above mere utility. Discover greater possibilities as you develop your heart for God's created world, inspiring those whom you serve to seek God's kingdom in the midst of daily challenges.

Build a foundation of social and cultural renewal.

Co-create with God a society and culture that brings hope, grace, and goodness. Explore how education is a process awakening you to God's hand in the world, shaping yourself — and your students — with the values and vocation of bringing the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Lead the next generation into fullness of life.

Be equipped to shine a light for society, setting direction and strategies for devising educational structures that encourage loving God with mind and strength. As an educational leader, you can lead the way forward in stewarding and redeeming God's created world, helping fellow humans to flourish with their gifts and potential.

Program Highlights

The program is offered on a part-time basis, consisting of a total of 12 courses. Each student takes a course load of 3-6 credit hours in each of the three semesters in a year (fall, spring, summer). The period required for completion of the program is a minimum of three years, up to a maximum of six years.

The program is delivered in a hybrid mode. About two-thirds of the courses begin with face-to-face teaching conducted intensively over the weekend or over school holidays, followed further by online learning or additional face-to-face learning. The remaining one-third are courses conducted online, where students engage with the learning material and interact with the instructor and one another on the e-learning platform via video lectures and responses, forum discussions, readings and short critiques, reflective exercises, various collaborative tasks and assignments.

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For whom?

For those aspiring to work in a leadership role at various levels or in different settings of education, from system leaders or senior administrators to heads of school or teacher leaders who promote the development of positive environments for learning and personal growth.

Program Overview

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