Faculty & Staff

We are educators strongly grounded in the Christian faith, dedicated scholars in our respective fields, and experienced practitioners in our professions.


Lumina faculty are locally involved and globally minded, particularly so through collaboration with academics from international Christian universities. We serve as mentors for students and as living witnesses to a coherent faith, commitment to service, and a broad vision to create culture.

Faculty & Staff


Dr. LEUNG Wing Tai

PhD in Communication,
Regent University, USA; 

MFA in Cinema/Television, University of Southern California, USA

Dr. YAM Chi Keung

PhD in Divinity (specialization in Media and Theology), University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Dr. Winnie FUNG

PhD in Business Economics, Harvard University, USA

Dr. Bill TSANG

EdD in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, USA

Dr. Karen CHAN

EdD, University of Bristol, UK

Dr. Carver YU

D.Phil, University of Oxford, UK; DDiv, University of Edinburgh, UK; DDiv, McMaster Divinity College, Canada

Dr. Jason YEUNG

PhD, University of London, UK

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PhD in Languages in Education, 
University of London, UK

Dr. Clara CHAN

EdD, University of Leicester, UK

Dr. Samuel OOI

PhD in Theology, Ethics, and Hermeneutics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Mr. Patrick CHAN

MEd, Calvin University, USA (in progress)

Mr. Enoch LAM

PhD in Music (candidate), Hong Kong Baptist University, HK


President: Dr. LEUNG Wing Tai

Academic Head: Dr. Winnie FUNG

General Manager: Joyce CHAN Sau Choi

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“Despite the challenges, God made a way for us to establish Lumina College. Our hope is that Lumina will be a true light in the darkness.”

Dr. Bill Tsang

Co-President, Youth Global Network, Hong Kong