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Dr. Bill Tsang Yuk Piu

Co-President, Youth Global Network, Hong Kong

  • EdD in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, USA

  • EdM in Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University, USA

  • MA in Counseling Psychology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

  • BS in Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

Dr. Bill Tsang is one of the co-founders of Lumina College, with a strong background in teaching and researching youth development, counseling psychology, mental health, and other related subjects.


As the co-president and former director of research at the Youth Global Network, Dr. Tsang has led major projects studying the life and career development of disadvantaged youth, as well as young adult leadership. He has also served as an honorary research associate at a research center in the faculty of education at the University of Hong Kong, and his research focuses on youth development — particularly the social mobility, identity, and education of migrant youths in China.


Dr. Tsang is also actively involved in teaching. He serves as a visiting professor at East China Normal University, guest lecturer at Bethel Bible Seminary (Hong Kong), and previously, assistant professor in social work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Subjects he has taught include human development, mental health, family dynamics, research methodology, and youth and culture.


With training as a counseling psychologist, Dr. Tsang has practiced as a mental health counselor/clinician for seven years in the U.S. before conducting practice research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's department of social work, where he served as a clinical consultant/psychotherapist for four years. Since 2006, he has been serving at Caritas Family Service, where he is now a senior training and counseling consultant.

Other credentials

Honors and Awards (Selected)

  • Fulbright Scholarship, U.S. State Department & Institute of International Education (2001-02)

  • Sheldon Traveling Fellowship from Harvard University (2001-02)

  • Multicultural and Bilingual Education Fellowship, U.S. Department of Education 

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Entrance Award (1995-96)

  • President's Scholarship Award for Counseling (1993-94)


Publications (Selected)

Tsang, B. (2021). Migrant education: Family strategies and public policies. In P. A. Kong, E. Hannum, & G. A. Postiglione (Eds.), Rural Education in China's Social Transition (pp. 198 – 218). London & New York: Routledge.


Tsang, B. (2021). From bridging God and man to bridging the digital divide. In Interconnections of Asian Diaspora: Mapping Theologies and Ministries. Fortress Press.

Song, Y., Tsang, B., & Zhang, L. (2017). Where have the migrant students gone after junior high schools: Evidence based on a longitudinal study in Beijing. China Economics of Education Review, 2017, (3): 20-37 (in Chinese).


Zhu, X. & Tsang, B. (2016). From experiment to policy –

insights from a financial asset building program in China. Social Construction (in Chinese).


Goh, C.L.E., Tsang, B. & Chokkanathan, S. (2016).

Intergenerational reciprocity reconsidered: The honour and burden of grandparenting in urban China. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, 39, July.


Koo, A., Ming, H., & Tsang, B. (2014).

The doubly disadvantaged: How return migrant students fail to access and deploy capitals for academic success in rural schools. Sociology, 48(4), 795-811.


Wu, Q., Tsang, B., & Ming, H. (2014).

Social capital, family support, resilience, and educational outcomes of Chinese migrant children. British Journal of Social Work, 44(3), 636-656.

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