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About Lumina College

We educate and equip adult learners with the life-long skills of integrating faith with life for the flourishing of society.

At Lumina College, we approach education differently.


We seek, in community, to discover the world through the light of Christ.

More than a university or seminary education

A university can give you rigorous academic training in fields such as business, communication, or education.

A seminary can teach you how to think biblically and theologically.

At Lumina College, you will be challenged to engage in both kinds of learning all at once.

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For part-time adult learners, serious about living out their faith in their fields

Our master's programs are taught in a hybrid style that is both conducive to learning in community and accessible for part-time learners: with face-to-face instruction with personal interaction and mentoring (~2 weeks per year) paired with online learning (~40 weeks per year), providing flexibility.

Learn from and be mentored by a diverse selection of overseas and local faculty

Study in Hong Kong for 2–3 years and earn a master's degree from a top U.S. university. Meet global faculty flying in to share their experience and expertise as well as local faculty providing depth and reflection in the local Hong Kong/Asian contexts.

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Christian higher education is a way to love God with our mind — to learn about and know the world as created, redeemed, and loved by God, and then to use this knowledge to help fellow humans flourish in their potential.

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“Praise the Lord, I had the opportunity to enrol in a diploma course at Lumina College. The curriculum is systematically and closely designed, with the support and coordination of the faculty and the college president's vision. It brings deep focus and thinking, consideration of students' situations, and sharing from classmates, all of which allow me to see God's world through an extraordinary classroom and context.


Through Lumina, I am able to recognize different perspectives in faith and theology.”

Emmanuel • Diploma Student


Ready to see the world with new light?

"Education can make or break a nation — by directing all things toward God, or disaster."

Dr. Wing Tai Leung, President of Lumina College

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