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Lumina College has created a Patreon page to cultivate a future leadership community with the Christian spirit. Through integrating Christian values, we aim to manage the world together and create a better future.

What kind of world is the future? What crisis exists? 

Lumina College offers a platform to discuss various global crises, including animal rights, international relations, social media, and artificial intelligence. Join as a Patron member to grow as a future leader and make a positive impact.

As these future crises emerge, where do we go from here? Where is the crux of the problem? How to judge whether this is right or wrong? Where can we discuss these crises?

Lumina College's Patreon members can discuss and learn to become future leaders. The college takes responsibility for nurturing leaders and faces challenges with the Christian faith.

The Lumina College Patreon membership system offers five participation levels. Members at all levels enjoy exclusive equipment content, including Lumina message sharing, course discounts, book lending services, good books to read, priority registration for Lumina activities and event highlights, future planning consultation, and gifts from Lumina. Time flies, so create your future by becoming a member of Lumina College Patreon today. Encourage your friends and family to join as well.


How to be a Patreon Member

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