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Corporate Learning

With so much changing so fast, how do you keep up?


Our corporate learning programs aim to:

  • foster personal and corporate character values that enable a sustainable future, which requires holistic leadership. 

  • focus on identity, mission, work, and compassion; explore future scenarios; establish a foundation for faith in workplace life; promote care for the whole person and community. 

  • review and deepen understanding of educational goals, targets, contexts, and social change; develop quality education and cultural appreciation.

  • align with the societal and cultural advancements of the future; cater to the needs of contemporary leaders.

These traits are important for all people and organizations in any context, and we can help you and your team develop them.

Your company benefits when your staff members are ready to face the challenges of the changing times.

We engage differently from other corporate programs by being:

  • Ready for the future by knowing the past, and knowing ourselves

Our programs equip people to face the changing culture and times by deepening understanding of our historical contexts, the challenges of the present, and futuristic concerns, including technology (5G, AI, and more).


We also cultivate personal and corporate character values and identities that go beyond functionalism to care for the whole person and community.

  • Questioning through various methods of learning

Through various methods of learning—with contextual analysis of historical and futuristic cases, stories, media, and more—our programs seek not to offer easy answers, but to expand perspectives by asking questions.


We generally recommend 6 sessions of 2 hours each to dive into the full content of a program, but can also tailor to your specific needs.

  • Located in Hong Kong, with the option of going global


Faculty from Lumina College may teach in-person at your company, or you may choose to have your team visit our campus in Jordan, Hong Kong. We can also work with companies outside of Hong Kong through video conferencing sessions.

Lumina College continuously creates courses for corporations.
Our courses futuristically match the needs of contemporary society.

Sound like a good fit? Take the next step!


“The team is professional, energetic and knowledgeable. I especially love the examples and stories shared. The lessons widened my horizon and inspired me to express my care and love to the people around me.”

— Lorraine Fung,

corporate learning participant

Patrick_corporate learning.JPG

“I really appreciate having the opportunity to participate in this workshop. The lesson provided the space for me to review my point of view alongside my colleagues.”

— Remus Au Yeung,

corporate learning participant

Interested in a smaller commitment?

Invite Lumina College to speak at a one-time event.

2C1A8866 web.JPG

We have had positive experiences sharing on contemporary topics at various churches, schools, seminaries, and other institutions in Hong Kong, and would love to bring such discussion opportunities to your space.


Whether you already have a topic in mind or would like us to bring ideas, we would love to collaborate with you. Topics may include:

  • Characters Values: Worldviews for Future Leaders

  • Future Leader Literacies

  • Future Trends 

  • Future Technology (Example: AI)

  • Facing Changes

  • Facing Adversity

  • Asian Social Landscape

  • Chinese Culture and Contemporary Society

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