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The first thing God invites humans to do, from the beginning of creation, is to give names to all things.


To name is to give meaning. God invites humankind to co-create the world together.


When we bring together faith and learning, our faith can move beyond the individual, and the study of the world can help us see God in the picture, to recognize God’s will in all domains of life. It allows us to see that the kingdom of Heaven is here in our midst.


This is the heart of undichotomized faith and learning, of being commissioned by God to create culture. There are different models for this work: worldview differentiation, cultural criticism, renewing culture and redeeming secular values.


Here you will find rich resources on faith and learning, with particular attention to Chinese and Asia-based resources, as these are the social and cultural contexts in which we live and serve. Disclaimer: we do not endorse everything in these links.


Articles from Lumina College



Lumina College Library


With over 6000 books (plus a growing collection of AV materials and ebooks) covering topics from theology to society, the Lumina College Library is full of scholarly resources for research, teaching, and learning. To check them out, join our community! Plus, browse our Books of the Month features:

A Bibliography For the Integration of Faith and Learning


This bibliographical tool seeks to help faculty, staff, and students at Christian universities think holistically about various subjects from Christian perspectives. It was compiled by David S. Dockery, president of Union University (Tennessee, USA) in 2007.

A Bibliography We Can't Live Without


This bibliography is the latest revision of the one that first appeared in The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian World View (Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press, 1984). In most of the fields listed, there are many more books than the ones included. These books are the essentials, foundational to developing a Christian perspective in each discipline.


Blogs & Journals

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground is a collaborative web commons to inspire a dynamic ecosystem of thinkers and doers to respond to the needs of this hour with wisdom and courage, a space where the sacred lens might influence the wider conversation.

中國神學研究院期刊 CGST Journal

《中國神學研究院期刊》為中國神學研究院之出版物,現已停刊,但可網上閱讀之前的期刊  。

華神期刊 China Evangelical Seminary Journal

《華神期刊 》為中華福音神學院之刊物, 其宗旨是本於福音信仰, 探討內容包括聖經、神學、歷史、實踐等學術課題,也包括以書評與學術會議評介等形式之文章,需訂閱才能觀看全文。

Christian Scholar's Review

Established in 1970, Christian Scholar’s Review is a medium for communication among Christians who have been called to an academic vocation. Its primary objective is the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship and research, within and across the disciplines, that advances the integration of faith and learning and contributes to a broader and more unified understanding of the nature of creation, culture, and vocation and the responsibilities of those whom God has created.

Christian Higher Education Journal

Publishes developments in Christian higher education, including enrollment management, teaching methods, administration, program assessment & student services.

Christ Animated Learning Blog

An interdisciplinary and interactive forum focused on the relationship the Christian faith shares with the practices of teaching and scholarship. 

基研網 CSCS Net


基研網(CSCS Net)隸屬於香港浸會大學的中華基督宗教研究中心,旨在通過互聯網提供基督教神學、基督教倫理、基督教哲學、神學與科學的研究資源。

文化中國 Cultural China


全球基督教與處境神學反省 Global and Contextual Theological Reflection


基督教文化學刊 Journal for the Study of Christian Culture


道風:基督教文化評論 Logos & Pneuma


  1. 以漢語文化的歷史的思想資源和社會經驗發展基督神學及其文化,以形成具有漢語思想文化之風範的基督神學文化;

  2. 在漢語思想學術域建設神學學科,與儒學、道家、佛家思想以及各種現代主義思想構成學術性對話關係,使基督神學成為漢語文化思想的結構要素和人文學術的組成部分;

  3. 成為漢語世界的各社會地域的漢語宗教學者的共同志業

漢語基督教學術論評 Sino-Christian Studies: An International Journal of Bible, Theology and Philosophy


浸神學刊 Taiwan Baptist Christian Seminary Journal


神學年刊 Theology Annual







Magazines & Newspapers

CGST Magazine


《CGST Magazine》中國神學研究院之刊物,致力從信仰角度辨識、整合及反思當前處境,透過分析解說與圖文故事,共同尋思,一起踐道,迎向這日漸分崩析離的世代。

時代論壇 Christian Times



Christianity Today


In a world in desperate need of truth, goodness, and beauty, Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel.

宇宙光雜誌 Cosmic Light






基督教論壇報 Impact



新使者雜誌 New Messenger Magazine


《新使者雜誌》是一本信仰的、理性的、關懷青年的學生雜誌。 我們以基督信仰的眼光,思考周遭的人、事、物,包括教會內部及整個社會大環境,見證上帝權能的作為,並藉此反省自身的信仰。

台灣教會公報 Taiwan Church News Network



The Banner


Published monthly by the Christian Reformed Church in North America, The Banner magazine shows how the Christian faith in its Reformed expression makes sense for today's world.



《校園雜誌雙月刊》 為基督徒知識份子的思想平台,分享神學反思、聖經靈修、時代議題、文化宣教、藝文美學等訊息,與神同行看世界。可試讀最新一期的部份內容,需訂閱才能觀看全冊。




文化更新研究中心 Culture Regeneration Research Society



突破研究 Breakthrough Research


天主教研究中心 Centre for Catholic Studies




香港中文大學基督教研究中心 Centre for Christian Studies



中國神學研究院信仰及公共價值研究中心 CGST Center for Faith & Public Values


生命倫理及研究中心 Center for Life and Ethics Studies


香港浸會大學中華基督宗教研究中心 Centre for Sino-Christian Studies


基督教中國宗教文化研究社 Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion & Culture


香港基督徒學生福音團契 Fellowship of Evangelical Students


「宗教信仰與全球參與」倡議計劃 HKU Faith and Global Engagement

Faith and Global Engagement provides current and future leaders with an informed and responsible understanding of religion and how its engagement with the world can transform the social landscape.

聖神研究中心 Holy Spirit Study Center



香港基督徒學會 Hong Kong Christian Institute


漢語基督教文化研究所 Institute of Sino-Christian Studies Ltd.


香港天主教正義和平委員會 Justice and Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese



United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia


The United Board collaborates with Asian colleges and universities, providing scholarships, fellowships, training, professional development, project grants, and general support to promote whole person education in Asia.


明治学院大学キリスト教研究所 Institute for Christian Studies

The institute conducts a wide range of research on Christianity and Christian culture. The purpose is to contribute to the development of education.

国際基督教大学 (ICU) キリスト教と文化研究所 Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture

The Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture has been undertaking research of Christianity in itself and its impact on both the Eastern and Western cultures. In 1995, the institute took over research projects from the former History of Science endowment program, and added to its research areas the study of scientific thoughts in relation to Christianity. In all these fields, emphasis has been laid specifically on perspectives from the broad-definition humanities as well as cultural history.


山東大學猶太教與跨宗教研究中心 Center for Judaic and Inter-religious Studies of Shandong University



Asian Theological Seminary


Asian Theological Seminary is a major interdenominational seminary serving approximately 100 different churches and para-church organizations in the Philippines and throughout Asia.

Association of Christian Universities and College in Asia (ACUCA)


ACUCA is a community of Christian institutions of higher learning in Asia. Through cooperation, mutual support, and encouragement, the Association endeavors to help the Christian universities and colleges in Asia to enrich the quality of their educational programs and more.

Center for Community Transformation (CCT) Group of Ministries


CCT is committed to create lasting holistic change among the poor. Since their founding in 1991, they have shared the light of the Gospel among the needy through development work centered on Jesus Christ.

Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC)


ISACC is a research and training organization specializing in development, missiology and cross-cultural studies aimed at social transformation within the Asian context.

Philippine Association of Bible and Theological Schools (PABATS)


PABATS is a Philippines-based accrediting and service organization committed to maintaining standards of excellence in theological education and to assist Bible schools in setting up effective programs in Christian ministry training for churches in the Philippines.


Silliman University


Silliman University is a leading Christian higher education institution committed to total human development for the well-being of society and environment.


ETHOS Institute for Public Christianity

ETHOS Institute seeks to serve church and society by engaging contemporary issues and trends from Christian perspectives. It offers regular lectures, seminars, conferences and symposiums for the Christian public and resources to churches and Christians in different professions and vocations.


基督教思想研究中心 Center for the Study of Christian Thought


臺灣基督教與文化研究中心 Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Center


輔仁大學天主教學術研究院 Fu Jen Academia Catholica


中原大學宗教研究所 Graduate School of Religion


禧年經濟倫理文教基金會  Jubilee Economics Ethics Foundation



Association of Christian Economists

The Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge, UK hosts an economics research hub, in cooperation with ACE-UK, that seeks to generate rigorous scholarship at the intersection of economics and theology with both contemporary application and Christian perspective.

Developing a Christian Mind at Oxford

Developing a Christian Mind, which began at the University of Oxford in 2007, provides space for postgraduate students, postdocs and faculty to consider how they integrate their Christian faith and their academic life.




BioLogos explores God’s Word and God’s World to inspire authentic faith for today, with the vision of faith and science working hand in hand.

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU)

The CCCU is a higher education association of more than 180 Christian institutions around the world. Since 1976, the CCCU has served as the leading voice of Christian higher education in the U.S.

de Vries Institute for Global Faculty Development at Calvin University

The de Vries Institute for Global Faculty Development at Calvin University offers professional development resources related to faith and learning for Christians in the academy.


INCHE (International Network for Christian Higher Education)

INCHE is a global organization of individuals and institutions, connected with the shared goal of serving Jesus as Lord by fostering the development of Christian higher education worldwide. Together, we achieve this by sharing information and research, equipping others with training and scholarship, and cultivating enduring relationships through networking and mutual exchange.

Institute for Faith and Learning

The Institute for Faith and Learning was founded in 1997 to assist Baylor in achieving its mission of integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment, and its goal of becoming a university of the first rank committed to its Baptist and Christian heritage.

Theology Lived


With curated and created videos, articles, and podcast episodes, this resource from Biola University's Office for the Integration of Faith & Learning encourages you to discover and champion the theology embedded in daily life.

Wheaton Center for Faith & Disability

By provoking fruitful conversations, training professionals and communities, and providing practical resources, the center strives to ground disability discourse in the rich Biblical teachings of community, diversity, humility, and service.

Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation

The purpose for the Center for Faith and Innovation is to develop Christian marketplace leaders through theology and liberal arts research to create innovative solutions for business.



Asian Theological Seminary - Podcast


Asian Theological Seminary is a major interdenominational seminary serving approximately 100 different churches and para-church organizations in the Philippines and throughout Asia.

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship - Audio & Video


The CICW's audio and video resources include practical and scholarly sessions intended for congregational leaders, pastors, students, teachers, scholars, musicians, artists, and all interested in worship. These resources serve as tools for preparing, planning for, and leading worship as well as for studying the history, theology, and practice of worship worldwide.

College Faith - Podcast


Christian students can grow in both faith and knowledge — whether attending a secular or a Christian college or university. College Faith guests provide wise counsel to help Christian students excel during these formative years.

Inching Forward (INCHE) - Podcast


INCHE's audio series aims to deepen knowledge of formation, teaching, and scholarship through worldwide Christian education. Each podcast is about 20-30 minutes in length and explores some aspect of Christian higher education.

正道福音神學院論壇 Logos Evangelical Seminary - Videos



January Series (Calvin University) - Audio


The January Series cultivates deep thought and conversations about important issues of the day in order to inspire cultural renewal and make us better global citizens in God's world. Listen to past talks in the archives.

Justice Conference Asia


An annual gathering of Christ followers passionate about living the message of Jesus and making justice a way of life.

Lumina College - YouTube Channel


Lumina College is a Christian academic community rooted in Hong Kong with global partnerships. The YouTube channel includes highlights from seminars, testimonials, and short clips sharing its mission of integrating faith and learning in the Hong Kong and Asia context.

陳家富教授講生態神學 Prof. Keith Chan on Ecological Theology - YouTube Channel



Refugia - Podcast


Refugia are places of shelter where life endures in times of crisis. From out of these small sanctuaries, life re-emerges, and the world is renewed.

This podcast explores what it means for people of faith to be people of refugia from a variety of perspectives, from biology to worship to politics.

Rewrite Radio - Podcast


Rewrite Radio is a podcast hosting conversations from the Festival of Faith and Writing, which celebrates a Reformed engagement with the written word, championing faithful and intelligent conversation about the intersections of religious belief and literature, both broadly defined.

Thinking Christianly - Podcast


Thinking Christianly, sponsored by Global Scholars, discusses how believers can better follow the often-neglected aspect of Jesus’ greatest commandment–loving God with all our minds (Luke 10:27), and how doing so results in a deepening relationship with Christ and greater influence for Christ.

Veritas Forum - YouTube Channel and Podcast


Founded at Harvard in 1992, The Veritas Forum invites university students and faculty to ask life's hardest questions. With a commitment to courageous discourse, Veritas puts the historic Christian faith in dialogue with other beliefs and invite participants from all backgrounds to pursue Truth together.

Winsome Conviction - Podcast


A podcast from Biola University for learning how to deepen convictions without dividing communities. Tune in for insight from Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer on how to cultivate understanding, civility, and compassion in disagreement.


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