Roundtable SERIES
Higher Education in a Machine Age

This series of round-table discussions will consider Christian perspectives on the impact that technological thinking has had on higher education.

Session 1: Has machine culture kidnapped higher education?

Technology is ubiquitous in education and has been for a long time. There are obvious technological developments – like written language, then printing, then the internet. There are less obvious technological developments – like classrooms, standardised tests, and rankings. These technologies mix together to create a new culture: a machine culture.

It is obvious that technology changes education: teaching with access to books is very different to teaching without access to books. But are these changes good, bad, neutral, or ambivalent? In this series of discussions, we will consider education, technology, how they interact, and what a Christian perspective brings to bear on how we engage with their interactions.


Dr. Mike Brownnutt

PhD in experimental quantum mechanics, Imperial College London

Dr. Winnie Fung

PhD in business economics, Harvard University

Dr. Leung Wing Tai

PhD in communication, Regent University

Session dates

7th Nov. 2020: Session 1
Has machine culture kidnapped higher education? 

5th Dec. 2020: Session 2
My faith, my discipline, my machine culture

6th Feb. 2021: Session 3
The totalising effects of machine culture in higher education

6th Mar. 2021: Session 4
Community responses to machine culture

10th Apr. 2021: Session 5
Charting the future and engaging with technology

Each session runs from 9:15 am – 12:30 pm and will be followed by (optional) lunch. Participants should commit to doing the preparatory readings for all sessions. Series registration is required.

For more details about the Roundtable Series, please visit HKU's Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum.

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