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What does it mean to love God with all of your mind?

This is where we are called. Are you ready to discover God's world?

Meet Lumina College.


To raise a generation of leaders with Christian worldviews to create culture.


Lumina College is a higher education institution that develops the Christian mind and fosters holistic development through master's and diploma programs, seminars, corporate learning programs, and interdisciplinary dialogue on contemporary issues.

It is possible to be grounded in theology while studying broadly. At Lumina College, where faith mixes with academics, you can examine the world in community and learn to live more fully through our Christian, counter-cultural values:

Unity in diversity

God crafts the world creatively, and we live in a world overflowing with variety of every kind. All around us, we can see the differences: in living and nonliving things, and especially in people of varied backgrounds. We believe that there is much to celebrate in diversity, and that within it, we can still find unity.

Power of the powerless

Life can be paradoxical: Jesus's crowning victory came as he hung dying on a cross. What the world sees as worthless, God sees as valuable—we see this all throughout scripture. We believe that God fights for the marginalized, and that we too are called to be voices for the voiceless.

Love your enemies

It is much harder to love those who harm you than those who care for you, and the mandate to love our enemies is still as radical today as it was when Jesus taught it to his disciples. Yet God sees us all as worthy of love. We believe that every person has inherent dignity and value to their Creator, and therefore, to each of us as well.

Cultivation & culture making

It is not enough to critique culture—we must create it as well. God invites us to participate in a reimagining of social structures, transforming the world around us, such that we bring about the kingdom of heaven here on earth. We believe that we must plant seeds of life within ourselves so that we may sow shalom into the present world we inhabit.

Convivial tools

With the rise of technology, and so many tools at our disposal, we are able to do so much more in the modern age. While we remain cautious of downsides, we also celebrate the good that comes with each system. We believe in the capacity for tools to be convivial, to spread joy, and to bring people together in community.


We recognize that we are limited, but that we can learn from one another. In humility, we look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of others. We believe in seeking a better way forward not for our own glory, but for the glory of the God who enables us.

Post-colonial Identity

Located in Hong Kong, the world city where East meets West, we are uniquely situated in a place of tension between identities. Many of us grew up in colonial times, yet we have entered the post-colonial period, and China looms large on the world stage. We believe our contextual identities matter, and we invite you to navigate them with our community.

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Will you join us on this journey?

The world needs you to be awake. Join us in public seminars and corporate education, or dive deep with our diploma and master’s programs.

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