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Library User Guide
Regulations for Borrowing Items

  1. Users must present their library cards before borrowing materials.

  2. Library cards are not transferable to others.

  3. Borrowers should return loan items to the library during opening hours.

  4. Borrowers must be responsible for the loss or damage of library items. They may be required to pay the full item value plus accumulated fees (e.g. delivery charges) for the replacement.

  5. Reference materials (marked REF) can only be used in the Library. Permission for borrowing may be granted by the College under special circumstances.

  6. All users who return loan materials late must pay an overdue fine of HK $5 per day overdue. Fines and fees must be paid in exact cash. For overseas students, electronic notifications will be sent to them to provide payment instructions.

  7. Users cannot borrow books until overdue fines have been settled.

  8. The library has the right to treat these unreturned items missing and charge additional fees.

  9. Users will receive library email notifications for picking up items on hold. It is the user's obligation to provide a valid email address and check it regularly.

  10. Once email notifications are issued, the reserved items will be re-shelved after the 10th working day if the items are not collected in person.


Librarian: Ms. Sally HO Yun Hing

Phone: (852) 3622 1724

Address: 3/F, Breakthrough Centre, 191 Woosung Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For contacting partner university libraries:


Scanning and photocopying

  1. Students can request scanning of book chapters and journal articles in accordance with the Hong Kong Copying Ordinance Cap.528. Normally, students can copy around one-tenth of each book or one article of each journal. No person is allowed more than one copy. Students should bear the cost of scanning (free for required textbooks and HKD$1.00/page for other materials). The library has the right to deny the request.

  2. Users can only photocopy Reference materials (HKD$1.00 per page) and no color copying is provided.

Renewing and holding items

  1. Users can self-renew items 4 times. They must bring the items to the Library for further renewal when renewal limit is reached.

  2. Renewal items must be processed before the due dates.

  3. No renewal is allowed if there are hold requests on those items. Users must return relevant materials to the library.

  4. Only checked out items can be held. Users can request holds for 4 items.

Program guidance

About call numbers

​Call numbers are numbers given to a record in a library for indicating its shelf location. Lumina College uses LC (Library of Congress) Classification. The example below means the book is located in the “Communication and Media” section under HD.​

Other notes
  1. Users should display their personal belongings for inspection as requested by College staff if the library security alarm is set off.

  2. The College will not be held responsible for intellectual property rights arising from users’ copying or scanning of library materials.

  3. Users should be liable for their personal belongings in the library. Lumina College will not be responsible for any loss.

  4. Unauthorized carrying off of library equipment or collections would subject the offender to serious disciplinary or legal actions.

  5. The College may update any library regulations from time to time without notice.

General guidelines
Regulations for Borrowing Items
Scanning and photocopying
Renewing and holding items
About call numbers
Program guidance
Title Searching
Title Renewal
Title Holding
Borrowing History
PIN Changing
Title Searching

Users can use different searching functions to retrieve title records.

a. Click the method you want for searching information (e.g. Title Keyword) 

  • Title stroke / Author stroke: This refers to the number of lines or marks required to write the Chinese character of a title or author’s name. (For example, enter “6” and you will retrieve records of items that start with a Chinese character of 6 strokes, such as 交, 伊etc.). The system, however, cannot support characters with more than 25 strokes.

  • Reading level: No reading level is set for Lumina College Library

b. Input title keywords, and then users can use material type, language, location, publisher or publication year to limit the searching scope. Click “Start Search”

c. Another method is using "Advanced Search”

d. Input keywords and select Boolean operators (e.g. AND and OR). Select other fields to limit the scope if required.

Title Renewal

Users can self-renew the same item 4 times.

  1. Click “Borrowing Record.”

  2. Enter Patron Barcode and PIN. Click “OK.” (PIN will be supplied by the Library initially and user can change it later.)

  3. Select the book you want to renew and click “Renew.” 

  4. “Item renewed” and new due date will then be displayed.

  5. Title CANNOT be renewed if it is held by another user.

Title Holding

Users can request holds for 4 titles which are on loan.

  1. Search the title that you want. Only title on loan can be held.

  2. Click “Reserve Item.”

  3. “Hold item success” will be displayed. 

  4. The status changes to “+1 Hold(s).”

  5. User can also check the borrowing record which shows the holding information. Warning will come out if the holding quota is more than 4.

  6. Library will only keep reserve books for 10 working days once email notifications are sent. User is required to inform the Library (email: to remove holding if the item is not necessary.

Borrowing History


Users can browse their borrowing histories any time.

  1. Click “Borrowing Record.” 

  2. Enter Patron Barcode and PIN. Click “OK.” (PIN will be supplied by the Library initially and user can change it later.)

  3. Input the date range and click “Go”. Borrowing records will then be displayed.

PIN Changing

Users can change their PIN numbers by themselves.

  1. Click “Borrowing Record.” 

  2. Enter Patron Barcode and PIN. Click “OK.” (PIN will be supplied by the Library initially and user can change it later.)

  3. Click “Change Password.”

  4. Input required information and click “OK.”


Users can access full text ebooks through EBSCO platform. 


  1. Locate a book from the library catalogue and click the link.

  2. Login user ID and password.

  3. Click the EPUB (or PDF) icon or each chapter to read full text.

  4. Full text will be shown on the right hand side.

  5. Saving or printing is restricted for certain numbers of pages each time.

Note 1. The message to the right indicates that another user is reading the book. Please login again later.

Note 2. Please remember to click “Exit” to log out each time. Other user can access the ebook immediately.

Note 3. Ebooks will be expired after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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