Lumina College is governed by leaders in various areas of society who share our vision to cultivate culture-makers.


  • Dr. Cheung Kwok Wai 張國偉教授

  • Dr. Max Hui-Bon-Hoa 黃元林博士

  • Mrs. Helen Ku-Yu Siu Yin 余古少賢女士

  • Dr. Leung Kam Bor 梁錦波博士

  • Rev. Dr. Paul Li Po Law 李保羅牧師

  • Mr. Lawrence Li Yat Sang 李日生先生

  • Ms. Ling Ling 林淩女士

  • Dr. Karen Lo Kit Seung 羅潔湘博士

  • Prof. Arthur Mak Fuk Tak 麥福達教授

  • Mr. Romney Tin Thay Chung 田大中先生

  • Dr. Bill Tsang Yuk Piu 曾育彪博士

  • Rev. Yung Chuen Hung 翁傳鏗牧師

  • Drs. Lee Shiu and Jennie Lee Mui 李韶夫婦

  • Mr. Raymond Kwok 郭家聲先生


  • Dr. Claudia Beversluis

  • Dr. Samuel Chang K.C. 張光正教授

  • Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen Wan 蔡元雲醫生

  • Dr. Simon Law Wai On 羅維安博士

  • Mr. Ng Kin Yuen 吳健源律師

"We saw the need for integration of faith with career and living to be planted in the hearts of young people, who would go on to impact the coming generations as leaders in different walks of society."

Rev. Dr. Paul Li Po Law 李保羅牧師

Board Governor & Co-Founder of Lumina College

For every inch of beauty, there is hard work behind it.

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