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Dr. Leung Wing Tai

President, Lumina College


With a lifetime of experience in media and higher education, Dr. Leung Wing Tai is committed to cultivating good values and worldviews among young people and leaders.

Dr. Leung's experience includes serving in and later becoming the head of Breakthrough, a youth culture organization; founding its magazine Breakazine! and pioneering media productions such as and the award-winning TV series “Generation 21: Young Spirits of Asia.” Deeply dedicated to youth ministry, Dr. Leung was also part of the founding of Breakthrough Youth Village and envisioning its unique leadership training programmes.


Dr. Leung has also served as a consultant of the Central Policy Unit, was a committee member of the Education and Social Welfare Policy, and a member of various Hong Kong university councils (the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University). He has also taught at United Wesleyan Graduate Institute, and Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. In Norway, Thailand, and the US, he has lectured on youth, media, culture, education, faith, and futuristic concerns, and has authored ten books in these areas.

Hear from Dr. Leung on why Lumina College was created with faith and life integration


  • PhD in Communication, Regent University, USA

  • MFA in Cinema/Television, University of Southern California, USA

  • MA in Radio/TV/Film, Bowling Green State University, USA

  • MTS in Christianity & Society, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, USA

  • BSc Physics-Chemistry, University of Hong Kong


  • Outstanding Alumni 2015, 2018; Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong

  • Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong City University, 2010

  • Finalist in 1990 New York TV and Film Festival for TV production Generation 21

  • Outstanding Graduate of the Year 1972; Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong

Creative Media Productions

  • Hong Kong Gardener: Dr. Lee Iu Cheung (2013, documentary)

  • Eastern Europe: The Morning After (1993, TV).

  • Pathfinders (1990, TV).

  • Generation 21: Young Spirits of Asia (1989, TV).

  • Megatrends: Toward 2047 (1986, multi-vision).

  • Gen (root) (1984, multi-vision).

  • High Touch on Peace (1980, Interactive Exhibition).


2011. “Is Pandora Closer to God: IT and Christian Worldviews.” Issue no.2, Jeremiah’s Dilemma Quarterly, the Philippines.


2010. “Cultural Mandate and Youth” in Mission of God. HK: CCCOWE.


2005. “Media and Technology” in Compendium for Lausanne Forum.


1997. “Leadership for 21st Century.” Book chapter in Future of Social Service in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Council of Social Service.


  • 2018. Christian Mind in the Emerging World: Faith Integration in Asian Contexts and Global Perspectives. Vaughan King Tong Mak, Peter Tze Ming Ng, Wing Tai Leung. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • 2017. 青年工作的10個啓示. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2015. Canada vs. Hong Kong. HK: Breakthrough

  • 2014. 黐線以外 : 資訊洪流中創造離線空間. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2011. Turning Around: Bible Characters Rebuilding Their Lives. HK: Breakthrough

  • 2009. 哪個孩子不出色. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2005. 溝通無疆界. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2005. 第二曲線人生 : 聖經人物的生命逆轉. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2003. 新領袖DNA. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 2000. 救救TV少年. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 1998. 光影新世界. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 1990. 明天掠影. 香港: 突破出版社

  • 1980. Making of a Communicator. HK: CCCOWE

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