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Dr. Carver Yu

President Emeritus, China Graduate School of Theology

  • DDiv, McMaster Divinity College, Canada

  • DDiv, University of Edinburgh, UK

  • DPhil, University of Oxford, UK


Dr. Carver Yu has served as the president and professor of systematic theology at China Graduate School of Theology and as head of the religion and philosophy department at Hong Kong Baptist University.

In addition to his theological writings, Dr. Yu is also immersed in cultural studies, and has unique insights about the development of modern Western culture and its inherent contradictions. He teaches in the Master of Contemporary Leadership​ program at Lumina College.

Professional experience

  • President, China Graduate School of Theology (2007-13)

  • Vice president, China Graduate School of Theology (1994-2007)

  • Fellow, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton (1991-1993)

  • Head of religion and philosophy department, HKBU (1984-1994)

Publications (selected)

Life is Beautiful: The Splendor of Humanity in Modern Literature. Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council, 2003. (in Chinese)

Freedom and Commitment. Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council, 2001.

Being and Relation: A Theological Critique of Western Dualism and Individualism. Edinburgh; Scottish Academic Press, 1987.

“Covenantal Rationality and the Healing of Reason,” in P. J. Griffiths/R. Huetter, eds. Reason and the Reasons of Faith (2005): 223-240.

“Evangelical Theology for the Future,” Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology 13 (2005): 55-65.

“Freedom and Covenant: Human Transcendence and Genetic Determination,” in M. L. Chan/R. Chia, eds., Beyond Determinism and Reductionism—Genetic Science and the Person. Adelaide: ATF Press, 2003: 108-123.

“Chinese Protestantism to the Present Day,” in A. McGrath/D. C. Marks, eds., The Blackwell Companion to Protestantism. Oxford: Blackwell, 2003: 222-231.

“The Principle of Relativity as a Conceptual Tool in Theology,” in M. Rae/H. Regan/J. Stenhouse, eds., Science and Theology. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1994: 180-210.

“Modern Christian Thought: China,” in Blackwell Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Thought. Oxford: Blackwell, 1993: 15-20

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