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Re-conviction Education (Sindy Leung)

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Sindy Leung, class of 2023, shares how Lumina College's Master of Education in Educational Leadership with Calvin University led her to have a conviction again in her leadership life. The other parts of Sindy's interview »

“I used to think that I have learned lots of management skills, human resources skills that kind of stuff. But in the class of professional development, our professors showed us that those are only status quo of the world. We should pursue the growth of our own lives to be more Christ-like to cultivate the kingdom of God in our platform. So I see myself differently. I think that I should not focus too much on myself. That's my humbling moment and then he also showed us that the kingdom of God begins with our relationship with God and our love to Jesus Christ. I pray that at that moment. Jesus, I really want to love you more. I want to do more and serve you more and actually, I can never do enough, but I try to love you and it seems like it's my conviction again to be faithful to the servant of the Lord."

Through this program, you will be prepared to develop the skills, knowledge base, and dispositions you need to become a responsive and transformative educator or school leader based on a Christian framework. You will go in-depth with the latest theory and research, and you will also have space to work on projects that shape your learning to needs relevant to your own professional context. Learn more »

Part-time Studies in Hong Kong • Top U.S. Christian University • Hybrid Learning Model • Affordable • Accredited


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