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Why Christian Higher Education?

Dr. Leung Wing Tai

January 2016

1. New Generation of Younger Leaders to Face the Future

We need to raise a new generation of younger leaders that have proper worldviews and value systems to face the challenges of the future. They need discernment of truth and excellence in work. They have artistic appreciation and kindness toward community. A Christian university is a good platform for doing that.Future challenge of the world is a biotech century that demands ethical discernment. In an equidistant world through information technology that requires leaders to be collaborative, intercultural, and appreciative of differences. New leaders need a global outlook and acting with local relevance. They can be adventurous but enriched by cultural heritage. They need truth as a compass but full of imagination. Christian higher education can be a good breeding ground for such leadership development.

2. Fullness of Faith

Our Christian faith is wholesome to embrace all facets of life. It is for the personal and the social, other worldly and this worldly; and in our spirit, heart, mind and body.