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Education for Superbrain: Is the technological agenda suffocating education?

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What should education focus on?

The South China Morning Post is featuring Lumina College in an online advertorial written by President Leung Wing Tai. Discover how our current technological age may be at odds with the spirit of education, and how Lumina is creating a space for rethinking how human lives can be shaped.

"Our connection to technology is like a love-hate relationship. Technology gave us vaccines, video calls, and much more. Yet despite the good, it can also become a toxic logic of rationality and measurable results that may be at odds with the spirit of education. When we are so focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and functionality, how does that shape people? The machine culture we live in tries to achieve fixed goals with minimum input. But when it comes to education, the process is more like farming. It is a slow cultivation of human literacy and shaping lives. Education unfolds the potential of the young, searching for national futures, developing culture and civilization. There is no shortcut... Humanity is undergoing another industrial revolution through AI, genetic engineering, and the internet of things—intensified by the pandemic, globalization, and digitization of finance. The time is ripe for us to pause and reflect on how machine culture impacts education, and to seek alternative paradigms for its future..."


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