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Market discovery and analysis: master workshop

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Dr. Paul Neal, Cairn University

How can you discover, create, develop and sustain a market for your innovative services and products? 

Research is needed for market discovery and analysis, especially for making decisions on innovation when surrounded by uncertainties and risks. Research helps reduce such uncertainties and manage risks by gathering intelligence to make informed decisions that answer to real needs and market expectations.  This workshop aims to demonstrate how research can support management in taking decisions that help attain an institution's marketing objectives.

Topics covered include:

  • Research, the Marketing Mix and Sales

  • Appropriate Uses and Circumstances for Various Methodologies

  • Brand Awareness vs. Brand Image

  • Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty

  • Message Testing to Avoid Mistakes

  • Case Studies from Secondary and Higher Education in the US and Global Healthcare


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