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Book of the Month: Jesus the storyteller

Each month, we feature a book from the Lumina College Library handpicked by our librarian. This month's Book of the Month is:

Title: Jesus the storyteller

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

Author: Stephen I. Wright


Stephen Wright approaches this topic afresh to analyze how considering the parables as "stories" can help our understanding of Jesus and his mission. Wright begins by looking for insights in scholarship from recent decades on the parables and the historical Jesus. He goes on to imagine how these stories would have resonated with hearers in each of the Synoptic Gospels and considers the dynamics between Jesus and his hearers in different locations like Galilee and Jerusalem. Finally, Wright considers the purpose of these parables as an element of Jesus' ministry and looks at Jesus himself as a storyteller. This book will provide a solid basis for understanding why Jesus spoke in parables and how this distinctive style of speech functioned in his ministry.

About the author

Stephen I. Wright is Director of Research and Tutor in Biblical Studies and Practical Theology at Spurgeon's College in London. The author of several books on New Testament and preaching, he is also coauthor of Preaching the Atonement and Preaching the Incarnation, published by Westminster John Knox Press.


To check out this book, and the thousands of other books in our library, we welcome you to join our community of lifelong learners.


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