Master of Arts

in Intercultural Studies

The MA in Intercultural Studies program aims to develop effective cross-cultural professionals who are competent communicators with Christ-centered hearts and cultural awareness. You will be equipped as a servant of Christ, able to lead effectively in different spheres of work.

It’s not surprising that an intercultural program is developed by intercultural partners; it takes from best of West and best of East […] together into a coherent partnership that allows for good training for people to be developed interculturally themselves so that they can cross cultures well for the sake of Christ.

Dr. Scott Moreau
Dean of Graduate School, Wheaton College

Why an MA in Intercultural Studies?

Global literacies

Systematic study for a contextual understanding of cultures in different settings gives us the much needed knowledge and sensitivity to navigate and connect as bridge-builders across cultures in the global village.

Cross-cultural leadership

Grounded in theory and theology, you'll be equipped with the multicultural competence to work with a diversity of people and be an impactful guiding force in your field.


Develop the discernment and resources to work towards unity within diversity in a world of conflicting and ever-changing cultures. Drawing on the Christian faith, create new cultures wherever you are.


"Intercultural studies gave me the invaluable tools to make sense of my surroundings, to build flourishing and productive cross-cultural relationships, and to help others to do the same."

Emma (MA student of Intercultural Studies at Wheaton College, 2013)

Program Highlights

  • Flexible hybrid format with face-to-face teaching supported with online delivery for the courses

  • Over half of face-to-face teaching is conducted by world-class faculty from Wheaton College, who have authored relevant publications with practical intersections in the global community

  • Experienced local faculty co-teach in the program to enrich and situate student learning in contemporary Hong Kong and Asian contexts for truly globalized perspectives

  • Students can complete the program part-time in three years at a comfortable pace and obtain Master qualifications from a world-renowned Christian college at a highly reasonable cost

For whom?

For those aspiring to work in a leadership role in cross-cultural settings in education, business, government, culture, and ministry, with the abilities to communicate and connect purposefully and biblically.

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