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Wrapping up our roundtable series,"Higher Education in a Machine Age"

Our third faculty roundtable series in partnership with the University of Hong Kong has just concluded, and it was an enriching time of participant-led discussions with open sharing and engagement of ideas.

Take a look at the topics of each session:

🕹 Has machine culture kidnapped higher education?

🕹 My faith, my discipline, my machine culture

🕹 The totalising effects of machine culture in higher education

🕹 Community responses to machine culture

🕹 Charting the future and engaging with technology

💡 We're grateful for the positive feedback we received from participants throughout the series, and want to give you a taste of the excitement:

💬 "I look forward to high-caliber co-thinking from among diverse participants with different mindsets and approaches to thinking. Let us continue to pray for unfailing focus and receptivity to inspirations to serve in this capacity of mutual education!"

💬 "I derived tremendous benefits from preparing for the talk, as it forces me to go inside myself to think of the situations in the higher education system are in, and what might be the root causes which lead us to such situations. ... The discussions afterwards were very stimulating, as they clarify points which I have glossed over, and brought out some of the fundamental issues involved."

Stay tuned for the fourth series coming up in 2021–22 on "Knowledge, Wisdom, Technology: Role of Higher Education"!


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