Master of ARTS IN Digital Storytelling

Pursue professional growth in your ability to tell compelling stories in diverse digital formats with graduate studies in digital storytelling from Lumina College, in partnership with the highly regarded School of Communication Arts at Asbury University. You will be prepared to write more powerful stories, critique and contribute to culture, and integrate narrative principles and digital tools to communicate values and meaning to the world.

Course list

(total: 30 credits)

God is the ultimate storyteller. God is the one who invented storytelling, and God is the ultimate author. If we are to know God and to fulfill who we are meant to be, we have to create good stories — and we have to live good stories as well.

Professor Sarah Hogencamp
Media Communications, Asbury University

Why this MA program?

Tell your story, in your field

Everyone has a story to tell — and the ability to tell compelling and memorable stories is applicable to a broad range of professions, from business to law, technology to ministry, and more.

Tell Christian stories, in public space

There is a battle of narratives in the world — particularly in digital spaces. With a foundation of vision and hope, the stories you tell can serve as a prophetic presence in contemporary culture.

Stories to build communities

Let your voice be one that builds communities. Master skills for various media and for working with narratives that will enhance clarity, intercultural understanding, and audience impact.

Program Highlights

  • Curriculum designed by a school with a long-standing history of social and professional engagement, having gained wide global recognition through institutes like the Emmy Awards and the Olympics

  • Wide-ranging skill sets built-in to cover screenwriting, documentaries, film critiques, media ethics, viral marketing, convergent media, and communication research, among others

  • Flexible hybrid format, where face-to-face teaching is blended with online delivery to maximize students' learning experiences while fitting into their busy work schedules

  • Experienced local faculty co-teach in the program with fly-in faculty from Asbury University to diversify students' exposure while contextualizing learning with a balance of both global and local perspectives

  • Students can complete the program part-time in two years at a moderate pace and obtain master's qualifications through a well-reputed program that is both faith-based and professional

Program Overview

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