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Excel as a Christian leader in and out of the workplace. Through our Master of Business Administration program in partnership with Cairn University, you will develop leadership skills for the business environment as well as the character to serve the kingdom of God within it.

Cairn University focuses on students' spiritual strengths as well as academic strengths. Businesses seek employees with spiritual strengths such as integrity, wisdom, courage, diligence, respect, obedience and honor. Corporations appreciate Cairn alumni for their positive attitudes, sense of purpose and employee engagement.

Professor Evan Curry, Cairn University
Dean, School of Business, Corporate Outreach Officer

Why this MBA program?

Christian values and practices

This masters in business administration program will challenge you to grow as both a faithful servant of Christ and as a strong business leader. Pairing theory and practice with theology and Christian values, you'll gain a godly understanding of key business concepts such as ownership, productivity, transaction, profit, employment, and more.

Community building

A vision for God means you'll see beyond material and personal gain and look toward something bigger — like wise stewardship of social, spiritual, and cultural capital for building communities.

Global learning

With the East-West partnership between Cairn and Lumina, you'll learn from both the global and local contexts, drawing on the expertise and experience of business educators with cultural and professional backgrounds that traverse countries and continents.

Godly leadership

Business leadership is more than skill and power — when founded on the solid ground of godly truths, you will be driven by an entrepreneurial spirit filled with hope to face the evolving challenges of the time.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible hybrid format, where face-to-face teaching is blended with online delivery to maximize your learning experiences while fitting into your work schedule

  • Experienced local faculty co-teach in the program with fly-in faculty from Cairn University to enrich and situate student learning in contemporary Hong Kong and Asian contexts in balance with global perspectives

  • A curriculum that is both Christian and professional that can be completed part-time in two years at a moderate pace, resulting in Master qualifications

  • Emphasis on “international entrepreneurship” features specialized coursework on entrepreneurial initiatives and operations, as well as first-hand international exposure for enhancing global vision and partnering capacity

Program Overview

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