New Generation of Younger Leaders to Create the Future

The World has changed. Does machine culture enrich human living or deplete human dignity? Does genetic technology enable medical treatments or create eugenic nightmares? The family and the self are experiencing identity crises. Globalization brings strangers into proximity that may result in collaboration or confrontation. Digitalization simulates reality or generates virtual realities. What kinds of future world will we have when politics joins hands with media and culture? How can we raise the young in this radically changed World?


Young people are experiencing serious unemployment in the developed world. Many are raised in divorced families. Gender identities are becoming confusing. The youth are seeking spiritual experiences but leaving the Church. Faith becomes privatized or marginalized in practical living. Professionals in many fields focus on skill and knowledge with limited ethical discernment. Values system and worldviews are increasingly edged out of the higher education vocabulary.


What shall be the education of the future? What is the soul of higher education if it attempts to serve as a cultural anchor of society? What kinds of character do we intend to nurture among our learned community? How would Christian higher education contribute to the education of the future? What is cultural renewal and the creation mandate in the structure and curriculum of higher education?



To raise a generation of leaders with Christian worldviews to make culture.



A college for holistic student development; and a research institute as platform for interdisciplinary dialogue on contemporary issues.



Seeing the world through the lens of Christian faith.



You can join us in a concerted effort by taking courses, attending seminars, inviting friends to learn with us, praying and donating your time and resources.