Title Searching

a. Click the method you want for searching information (e.g. Title Keyword)


  • Title stroke / Author stroke: This refers to the number of lines or marks required to write the Chinese character of a title or author’s name. (For example, enter “6” and you will retrieve records of items that start with a Chinese character of 6 strokes, such as 交, 伊etc.).  The system, however, cannot support characters with more than 25 strokes.

  • Reading level: No reading level is set for Lumina College Library


b. Input title keywords, and then users can use material type, language, location, publisher or publication year to limit the searching scope. Click “Start Search”


c. Another method is using "Advanced Search” 


d. Input keywords and select Boolean operators (e.g. AND and OR). Select other fields to limit the scope if required.


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