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Redemptive storytelling

Han, class of 2022, shares how Lumina College's Master of Arts in Digital Storytelling with Asbury University energized her to create compelling narratives that seek out light in darkness, appreciate flaws and weaknesses, and cultivate patience.

“My learning has changed the way I look at life in many ways. First, I have begun to appreciate difficulties and antagonists in life. No one wants to tell a boring story, and life is all about storytelling. At the end of your life, what kind of story are you going to tell? How are you going to make your story compelling?"

Through this program, you will be prepared to write more powerful stories, critique and contribute to culture, and integrate narrative principles and digital tools to communicate values and meaning to the world. Share tales that inspire, build communities, and give voice to the world's beauty. Learn more »

Part-time Studies in Hong Kong • Top U.S. Christian University • Hybrid Learning Model • Affordable • Accredited


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