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Dr. Leung Wing-Tai and Dr. Vaughan Mak met with Christians in Malaysia

Dr. Leung Wing-Tai and Dr. Vaughan Mak met with Malaysian Christians at two different locations in Malaysia to share with them the good news about Lumina College, particularly the master programs which offer them a rare opportunity for Christian higher education of finest quality.

Dr. Leung Wing-Tai sharing a message about the future of education with members of LCM-Sunway Lutheran Church at an evening gathering.

After a brief introduction of the 3 master programs to be offered by Lumina, interested participants actively followed up with questions for more details.

Participants of the gathering felt refreshed and intrigued by Lumina’s work.

Dr. Leung Wing-Tai was invited to preach at S.E.A. Park Baptist Bible Church

Dr. Leung shared a message on the covenant to bring up leaders that came from God through Abraham.

After the service, many church members came forward to get Lumina’s flyers and brochures, wanting to know more about the master programs that are going to be offered.


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