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Book of the Month: Theologies of land

Each month, we feature a book from the Lumina College Library handpicked by our librarian. This month's Book of the Month is:

Title: Theologies of land : contested land, spatial justice, and identity

Publisher: Cascade Books

Author: K.K. Yeo and Gene L. Green


In this volume, four authors who represent Palestinian, First Nations, Latinx, and South African communities examine the intricate relationship among land(scape), migration, and identity. Together with a Malaysian Chinese, the authors deliberate on the complex issues arising out of political domination, as well as humanity’s conquest and abuse of land that create unjust space, landless people, and the broken landscape of God’s creation.

About the editor

K. K. Yeo is Harry R. Kendall Professor at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary and affiliate professor at Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at Northwestern University (Evanston).

Gene L. Green is the Dean of Trinity International University-Florida and Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Wheaton College and the Wheaton College Graduate School.


To check out this book, and the thousands of other books in our library, we welcome you to join our community of lifelong learners.


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