Mr. Enoch Lam

Adjunct Faculty, Lumina College

  • PhD in Music (candidate), Hong Kong Baptist University

  • MA in Christian Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • MA in Theological Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • MA in Music, Hong Kong Baptist University


Mr. Enoch Lam is an experienced church musician and scholar of various fields at the intersection of popular music, Christian music, and Christian worship.


Mr. Lam currently teaches at various educational institutions as an adjunct lecturer, including Hong Kong Baptist University, Lumina College, and Alliance Bible Seminary. As an experienced and versatile church musician, Mr. Lam coaches choirs, including church choirs, and worship teams of various churches and music organizations. He gives lectures and talks on local contemporary Christian music and serves as a music advisor of the Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry. Mr. Lam is also the host of the radio program “Grace Moment: Traveling Along with ‘Sacred’ Music.”

Conference presentations

“New Mode of Church Choir: Singing in Contemporary Worship in Hong Kong.” Christian Congregation Music: Local and Global Perspectives, Oxford, 2019.


“The Formation of ‘Imagined Community’: A Case Study on Hong Kong Contemporary Christian Music.” The Society for Christian Scholarship in Music, Toronto, 2019.


“Local Musical Habitus and the Re-Contextualization of Imported Contemporary Christian Music.” International Council for Traditional Music (Study Group on Musics of East Asia), Seoul, 2018.


“Practice-as-Research in Intercultural and Intracultural Settings: A Case Study on the Re-Contextualization and Alternation of Imported Contemporary Christian Music of North Point Methodist Church.” International Symposium on Practice-As-Research, Hong Kong, 2017.