Statement of Faith-Learning Integration

Lumina’s mission to integrate faith and learning is built on 3 C’s:



Students need to develop coherency in understanding God’s created world so that they can create their own perspectives, value systems, worldviews and directions in life – which is the more important task of higher education than mere knowledge transfer, vocational competence, or academic qualification.



Students need the yearning and ability to create culture, which in turn will be the best expression of Christian worldview and praxis of coherency. To be human is to co-create culture with God while collaborating with others, including those from other cultures. Culture creation happens at work and at home, in the mundane and in the arts or sciences.



The ultimate goal of Christian higher education is commitment to share our lives, our resources, our talents, and our destinies with others. We need to be committed to God and through this commitment love others and God’s creation. We are relational beings and through our connections with God, human society, and mother earth we shall find the best fulfillment in life.