Faculty and Staff of Lumina Spirit

The Lumina faculty represents a fine group of Christian educators who are strongly grounded in the Christian faith and dedicated scholars in their respective fields. Their Christian worldviews underlie the deep structure of their learning and inspirit them as productive practitioners in their professions. They are both locally involved and globally minded, particularly so through collaboration with similar international academics from Lumina’s partnership with global Christian universities. They serve as good mentors for students and living witnesses to coherent faith, a continuing commitment to service, and a broad vision to create culture.


President: Dr LEUNG Wing-Tai
Academic Head: Dr FUNG Wan Yi, Winnie

Champion of Diploma Program on Christian Faith and Contemporary Culture: Dr YAM Chi-Keung
General Manager: Ms CHAN Sau-Choi, Joyce

Librarian: Ms HO Yun Hing, Sally

Administrative Assistant: Ms POON Oi Shan, Ceciline

Education and Conservation Officer: Mr CHAN Pak-Lun, Patrick

General Assistant in Dragon Garden: Mr CHAN Ping Yin, Benny
Marketing and Communication Assistant Officer: Ms CHOW, Yolanda