Faith Awakening and Life Reflection

Seminars, field work, public forums, group presentations, guided garden tour, media show, experiential activities … our Spring Camp on faith awakening for tertiary students had all the above components, and intrigued and inspired participants on the dimensions of intellect, contemplation, and experience.


Dr. Albert Tsoi Yam Keung cogently pointed out the elements and features of different world views.Dr. Carver Yu Tat Sum, former president of China Graduate School of Theology, methodically traced the origins and developments of post-modernism.Dr. Leung Wing Tai, Founding President of Lumina College, shared his ideas about worldviews and their significance.
Dr. Bill Tsang, Research Director of Breakthrough Youth Development Fund, discussed how we could reflect on socio-cultural issues such as food and migration from a faith perspective.Head of Economics Department at HKUST, Prof. Leung Siu Fai, made great use of everyday examples to illustrate various economic concepts and the deep-structure significance they share with faith.How to become an effective leader – and possibly a spiritual one too? Dr. Lau Chung Ming gave a very interesting sharing on this topic.
With his usual wit and humour, Dr. Yam Chi Keung gave a clear exposition on how modern times have been deeply “mediatized”.Former Senior Language Instructor and Warden at HKU, Dr. Max Wong, made an interesting comparison between the book of “Ruth” in the Bible and Albert Camus’s “The Guest” from a faith perspective.Bio-tech scientist, Dr. Ng Shi-chung, led participants on to an enquiry into a series of topics in the history and moral issues of bio-technology.
A group of participants did field work at Kowloon Park, where they interviewed a Malaysian student and got to know about his post-modern worldview, quite representative of popular belief.Another group visited the Chungking Mansion, interviewed an owner of a Pakistani eatery who has been in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, and explored with him his Islamic worldview.On the third day of the camp, participants visited Dragon Garden for some experiential learning. Dr. Trevor Sofield, Director of Lumina Rural Campus, explained the Garden’s philosophy of architecture in terms of four major dimensions.


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