Jan 25-27, 2018 International Conference: “Christian Mind in the Emerging World: Academic Faith Integration in Asian Contexts from a Global Perspective”

Christian Mind in the Emerging World: Academic Faith Integration in Asia Contexts from a Global Perspective

    “Academic Faith Integration” is the integration of Faith and Learning. Besides seeking ways to embrace diversity in various global worldviews, Christians are also concerned with the discernment of truth, and are seeking integration of faith and learning, cross-culturally and cross-disciplinarily. But how can academic faith integration be achieved?


    Lumina College is a Christian institute of higher learning established in Hong Kong in 2015 which strives to promote a Christian perspective of life/ worldview in dialogue with other secular and global worldviews. It also seeks integration between Christian faith and learning in various disciplines.  In this conference, Lumina College Research Institute invites scholars from a wide range of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary circles to present papers, especially those who are committed to opening dialogues, or are interested to learn about the possible integration between faith and learning in higher education from a global perspective, without overlooking the Asian contexts where we are from.


Keynote Speakers:-


Professor of Psychology, Calvin College

Provost of Calvin College (2006 - 2014)

Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago



Professor of Higher Education

Azusa Pacific University

Editor of Journal of Christian Higher Education

Ph.D., University of Michigan


Dr. Albert M. ERISMAN

Executive in Residence Emeritus at the School of Business, Government, and Economics, Seattle Pacific University

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Iowa State University


Dr. Grace Shangkuan KOO

Professor of Educational Psychology 

University of the Philippines

Editor-in-Chief of Jeremiah’s Dilemma Quarterly

Author of Guarding our Heart and Mind

Ph.D., University of the Philippines


Prof. Kuk-Won SHIN

Professor of Philosophy and Culture

Chongshin University

Editorial Committee Member, Worldview     

    (Monthly Magazine published by Christian 

    Worldview Studies Association of Korea)

Ph.D., Vrije Universiteit (Free University) of Amsterdam

Th.M. and M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary


Dr. CHAN Kai-Pak 

Co-host of this international conference

Pastor at Boston Chinese Church of Saving Grace

D.Min., Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary

M.Eng., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Topics of Presentations


1. What Makes Christian Higher Education Distinctive? How Faith Integration in the U. S. Context Shapes the Minds and Souls of Students


2. The Purpose and Practice of Business for Christians in Asian-Chinese Contexts


3. Encountering Asian Pluralist Society with the “Missional” Vision: A Story of a Reformed Worldview Scholarship


4. “Beyond Positive Psychology to Spiritual Well-Being: Integrating Faith in Teaching Psychology at the University”


5. Encountering Technopoly with Chinese five Cardinal Relationships 以五倫觀念面對科技壟斷


6. Struggle between “New Wine" and “Old Bottle”: Watson M. Hayes (1857- 1944) and the Contextualization of the theological Education in China- A Case Study of Faith-Learning Integration in the early 20th Century China


7. Birth of a Christian Salesman: Reflection on Academic Faith Integration in an Asian Context


8. Science and Theology: From Conflict to Integration in a Korean Context


9. “Degradation of Ethical Values among Indigenous Indian Christian Youth – With special reference to Khasi Christian Youth: An Emerging Tribal Issue”


10. "Politics that promotes Business as a Calling: Historical and Comparative Studies".


11. "Education of Love and Humanity- Reflections on a Christian Understanding of Religious Education in a Chinese Context”.


Date and Time:   25-26 Jan 2018 (Thur and Fri), 9:30am - 5pm; and
                             27 Jan 2018 (Sat), 9:30am - 1pm

Venue:   Lumina College, 3/F, Breakthrough Centre, 191 Woosung Street, 
               Kowloon, Hong Kong

Registration Fee (exclude all fee for flight, tranportation, accommodation, meals, insurance, visa application,......etc.)


Phone: (852) 3622 1724  

Email: luminacollege@gmail.com

Seminar will be conducted in English

Program Details and Registration:  http://site.lumina.org.hk/conference/


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