Prayer Letter of April 2017 (Annual Reflection)

The wonders of life change happen in small encounters. Quite a few students testified that radical changes in life direction and conception of Christianity happened after taking our diploma courses. God’s spirit has been moving among us. We had successfully launched two diplomas: Future Leaders: Integrating Christian worldview and learning; and Christian faith and contemporary culture.


The future lies in collaboration. Lumina is in the final stage to sign agreement with two to three universities on master’s programs. God willing, Lumina will receive the first cohort of master’s students in autumn 2018, meaning we shall promote the courses in the fall 2017. 


The ministry is as good as the quality of our staff. Lumina held the first staff retreat in March 2017 in Zhongshan. We worked through the meaning and significance of Christ and culture, cultural redemption, faith and learning integration, the vision and coming future of Lumina College.


A college is as good as her faculty and students. We have recruited a collection of faculty who are willing to teach some courses with Lumina. Some of them served as speakers in our seminars and camps, hence providing opportunity for them integrate faith into their discipline.


Lumina is blessed with many brilliant speakers for our seminars: Mary POPLIN on conflicting worldviews, Scott MOREAU on cross-cultural leadership in globalizing world, LEUNG Siu Fai on economics, NG Shu Chung on bio-technology, TSOI Yam Keung on faith-learning integration, Bill TSANG on migration, and Anselm Lam and Gabriel LEUNG on future of Hong Kong people in a climate of uncertainty and anxiety.


Experiential learning is deepening conceptual learning. Dragon Garden rural campus ministry is in foundation stage. We have revamped the areas of gardening, heritage buildings cleaning, tree-trimming, termite treatment, tree cataloguing, office set up, and other conservation needs. In the coming future we shall focus on social education for tours, workshops, visits and talks.


The local church would be our partner in the Gospel. We have visited and shared with a number of church denominations, church networks, and Christian organizations. They shared the great need in integrating faith into our work life and personal living, social policy and worldview.


Financial need is not the most important but it is necessary. Up to this time Lumina College has been very low key in sharing our financial needs. Our annual need is HKD3.5 million. You are welcome to donate to Lumina College with tax deductible receipts. Checks payable to Lumina College Ltd and mail to 3/F Breakthrough Center, 191 Woo Sung Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


By Wing Tai LEUNG



Staff Retreat – photo taken at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen 's former residence



Symposium: "Education and Personhood: Rebuilding Holistic Life in Future Times"

Prof. Chi-ping Lin (Director of Cosmic Light Holistic Care Organization)

Dr. Kam Bor Leung (Founding Chairman of the Association of Holistic Life Education)

Dr. Peter Ng (Senior Researcher at Lumina Research Institute, Lumina College)

Dr. Stanley Ng (Associate General Secretary at Breakthrough)

2017.4. 22


Diploma: "Worldview and Christian Identity" - photo taken in the final lecture




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