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North American IAPCHE Conference, Michigan, USA - June 2017

Dr. Wing Tai Leung, President, and Dr. Vaughan Mak, Head of Academic Programmes, attended the North American conference of IAPCHE in 4–6 June 2017. There, Dr. Leung presented a paper on “Internationalization of Christian Higher Education through Co-Creation” and shared the case study of Lumina College in Hong Kong.

Dr. Leung and Dr. Mak had a great time enjoying one of the plenary addresses together with Prof. Joel Carpenter (left), Professor and Director of Nagel Institute for the Study of World Christianity at Calvin College, and Prof. Karen Longman (right), Professor of Higher Education at Azusa Pacific University.

Prof. Joel Carpenter (right) facilitated the plenary panel address entitled “From a Dialogue of Words to a Dialogue of Action”.

Dr. Leung and Dr. Mak were pleased to see Lumina’s advisor, Prof. Claudia Beversluis of Calvin College, along with Prof. Cheryl Brandsen, Provost of Calvin College.

Sharing a moment of joyful encounter with Prof. Laura Montgomery, Dean of Global and Experiential Learning at Wheaton College.

Dr. Leung presented his paper, where he outlined four different models of Christian higher education: internal, external, digital network, and co-creation.

Dr. Leung sporting his smiling face next to the incoming Executive Director of IAPCHE, Dr. Shirley Roels.


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