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Visits to Christian Colleges and Universities in the US - June 2017

In June, Dr. Leung and Dr. Mak went on a 2-week trip in the US touching base again with five American Christian colleges and universities, sharing Lumina’s vision and plans for providing quality Christian higher education in Hong Kong and Asia.

Dr. Leung and Dr. Mak visited Calvin College and met with their leaders.

From left to right: Prof. Claudia Beversluis, Professor of Psychology; Prof. Albert Boerema, Professor of Education; Prof. William Katerberg, Associate Dean; Prof. Cheryl Brandsen, Provost; Dr. Leung; Dr. Mak.

Happy faces outside the office of Wheaton College Graduate School, after most of the terms in collaborative agreement had been taken care of. 

From left to right: Dr. Leung; Dr. Steven Park, Director of Academic and Scholarly Technology; Prof. Scott Moreau, Dean of Graduate School; Dr. Mak; Prof. Robert Gallagher, Director of Intercultural Studies Program.

Clinching the deal — Collaboration with Lumina in offering the MA in Intercultural Studies Program in Hong Kong is fully supported by Wheaton leaders.

From left to right: Prof. Gallagher; Prof. Moreau; Dr. Mak; Prof. Magaret Diddams, Provost; Dr. Leung; Prof. Gary Larson, Director of Institutional Research and Academic Support.

Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky has a charming campus with different shades of green in summer.

Prof. Douglas Walker (front), Professor of Media Communication, took us on a tour of the School of Communication Arts in Asbury. This is one of the studios where sets and props are stowed aside in an extensive space.

President of Asbury University, Prof. Sandra Gray, signed a collaborative agreement with President of Lumina College, Dr. Wing Tai Leung, to offer their MA in Communications: Digital Storytelling in Hong Kong.

At Regent University in Virginia, we met with Prof. William Brown, Professor of Communication; and Prof. Douglas Cook, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, among other Regent leaders.

Dr. Leung and Dr. Mak were glad to share Lumina’s vision with Prof. Micah Mattix, Chair of English and Communication Studies at Regent University.

Dressed smart-casual when meeting with leaders from Trinity International University on their very warm and sunny campus. 

From left to right: Prof. Felix Theonugraha, Vice President for Student Life and University Ministries; Dr. Leung; Dr. Mak; Prof. Rich Grimm, Senior Vice President for University Services and Strategic Initiatives; Prof. Don Hedges, Associate Dean for Trinity Graduate School.

One could probably tell from the delighted faces that we had a very positive meeting with Prof. Tom Cornman, Vice President for Academic Administration; accompanied by Prof. Don Hedges.


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