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Lumina College Spirit


LUMINA: We believe that education is an inspiring and awakening process, for learners to understand the creation of God, and themselves become light of the world.

COLLEGE: We hope to build a learning and cultured community that will commit to the Creation Mandate of God to create culture.

Higher education is the seedbed for macro perspective, deep-structure thinking, and meaning of life. That students would become the conscience of society to create the future.

1. Christian Worldview

To create a God-centered worldview, affirm the work and intent of God in creation, and instill this spirit into all academic disciplines

2. Importance of Value System

Education is beyond knowledge and skill. Value system determines the purpose and direction of application of knowledge and skill.

3. Integrate Faith and Learning

Education is not value-free. We need to see the world from the lens of faith. And to affirm faith through discovering the world.

4. Create Culture

Social progress needs to carry cultural heritage, critique culture, explore the future, and create new cultures.

5. Cross Cultural Exchange

We can learn to appreciate cultural diversity, integrate cultural heritage, and create an interdisciplinary education platform.

6. Education for the Living

Education is not merely a series of examinations and professional qualifications. Rather to nurture the abundance of life through a slow cultivation process.

7. Face Contextual Challenges

Life education is beyond the four walls of a school. The entire city and region can be the campus. Education needs to face the challenges of our land.

8. Identity and Vocation

Each generation will have their mission in their own era. Each person can contribute uniquely in a society. Education helps us to love our neighbors, and to sacrifice for others. We need to face the challenges of the time.

9. Professional Spirit

Examinations and professional qualifications are mere tools. We need to learn the professional spirit behind each discipline.

10. Creative Pedagogy

Each student has different style of learning. Education needs to apply a diversity of teaching and learning approaches: dynamic, interactive, motivational, participatory, dialogic and creative.

The Boy Who Flew to the Tinted Cloud

Why do maple-leaves change colors so keen?

When do the raindrops touch the sea?

How does a baby become a leader?

The Good and the Bad are identical as seen!?

Education is but a journey to surf,

A beginning of the future,

A connection with others,

And a symbiosis with mother Earth.

But now Education is kidnapped by examination,

Imprisoned by professional qualification,

And frozen by the classroom.

Life potential yearns for emancipation!

Do we still have the madman who chase after the stars?

The child that seek naked truth,

The warrior that dare the future.

When will be that hour be passed?


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