Lumina College is a Christian higher education institute that combines faith and learning, global and local, practice and theory, and personal development in faith-based community.

Faith & learning

Learning with Lumina is marked by deep engagement with the world in light of the values of the Christian faith. We see the world as created and loved by God, supported by God's grace and redemption. At Lumina — which means light — you'll discover how you are invited to shine God's light to the world in everything you do.

Global & local

You will learn from world-class faculty from our partner universities in the United States, along with experienced local faculty in Hong Kong, which will situate your learning in contemporary Hong Kong and Asian contexts for truly globalized perspectives.

Practice & theory

You are not just learning in a classroom. Through our curricula, you will have opportunities to live out an active faith through service, ministry, or community projects in areas such as nature conservation and cultural heritage.​

Personal development & faith-based community

With small class sizes and experienced faculty mentors, you will grow into fuller maturity alongside peers in a community committed to Christian values.

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