Why Christian Higher Education

  • Christian Higher Education is a way to love God with our mind, seeking to learn about and know the world as created, redeemed, and loved by God.  Loving God with strength involves using this knowledge to help fellow humans flourish with their potentials.


  • You can deepen your ways of seeing, understanding, and acting while aligning your mind and heart, values and beliefs into a coherent worldview based in revealed, biblical truths about God.


  • Christian higher education is NOT about either heaven or earth, but connects both to bring to bear God's kingdom on earlth.


  • It empowers you to study and learn to make a difference as Christ's agents of renewal, to co-create with God a culture that brings hope, grace and goodness to people.


  • It nurtures thoughtful, prepared Christians leaders to help the church and society confront challenges and opportunities of the present and the future.