Prayer Letter of December 2016

Time flies. At the inauguration ceremony on 17 December last year, Lumina was said to be starting small much like the "manger" for the birth of Jesus. In God's hand, this modest beginning could change the world.


God has been gracious to Lumina. We have held a number of open seminars on seeing the world through the lens of faith. Wingtai with Dr. CK Yam and Dr. Dorcas Yung kicked off a seminar using that theme. Prof. Mary Poplin from Claremont Graduate University helped us face the challenges of global worldviews. Prof. Scott Moreau from Wheaton College encouraged us to develop intercultural literacy in leadership. In the coming public seminars on 3-4 Jan 2017 we shall host Dr. Carver Yu and Wingtai on worldviews in conflict and Dr. Max Lin and Dr. Ng Shu Chung on integrating faith into sciences and humanities.


Daring to be different is a road less travelled. While most seminaries focus on faith as a domain of study and secular universities emphasize knowledge and skill, Lumina builds a ladder to connect both: Seeing the world through Christ and seeing Christ in the world. Lumina has launched two diploma programs: “Christian faith and contemporary culture” and “Future leaders: Integrating Christian worldviews and learning”. We just finished the first two courses and another two are coming up in the next quarter. It is not a felt need among the Christians here, but the cultural mandate of God in the beginning and the great commission of God in Christ Jesus are in fact of vital importance. You can join or recommend our coming courses through our website: www.lumina.org.hk.


Please pray for Lumina about the following:

  • That more believers will understand and share our vision, that they will join us in our diploma courses in journeying together on integrating faith and knowledge, so that believers can work out such integration in life, at work, and in learning. 
  • In 2017, Lumina will continue with our various initiatives, including our plan to launch successive short courses, as well as seminars on different themes to attract Christians from varied fields and backgrounds to dialogue, reflect, and share their perceptions and insights. Pray that God will provide us bountifully in the process of preparation and bless us with beautiful teamwork and coordination. 
  • We are thankful to God for the headway made in our discussion on collaboration with various overseas Christian universities and colleges. We pray for God’s grace and wisdom upon us, so that whatever comes out will bring to bear His good will, and that Christians in Hong Kong and even Asia will have the opportunity to take and benefit from quality, faith-based Master’s programmes. 
  • Lumina’s rural campus, Dragon Garden, will continue its renovation and enhancement works, with the hope that it can be open in stages soon for purposes of community education. We ask that God will make the work progress swift and smooth, including works that pertain to horticulture and nature conservation, and that He the Great Creator will closely watch over this precious piece of land that He has so graciously entrusted to our care.


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