Signing of the Agreements between Lumina College, Wheaton College, Asbury University and Cairn University

By Wing Tai LEUNG, President

30 August, 2018


Today marks the signing of the agreement between Wheaton College and Lumina College, to offer master degree in Intercultural Studies locally in Hong Kong, with fly-in faculty from the US to collaborate with Lumina faculty. What a blessing to have international partnership in Christian higher education, between a prestigious school of great heritage and a start-up in Asia. God is working out miracles for Lumina College.

From left to right: Dr. Leung; Dr. Steven Park, Director of Academic and Scholarly Technology; Prof. Scott Moreau, Dean of Graduate School; Dr. Mak; Prof. Robert Gallagher, Director of Intercultural Studies Program.

November 30, 2017 Wheaton to offer Intercultural Studies M.A. in Hong Kong


Together with Asbury University MA in Communication (Digital Storytelling) and Cairn University MBA, Lumina will offer three master degrees from prestigious Christian universities in the autumn of 2018.  This is a solid portfolio for Lumina to offer the finest global Christian graduate programs to Asia. Wheaton with her strong liberal arts and humanity background, Asbury in her Olympic-game quality media -communication team, and Cairn from her C.I. Scofield heritage, all converge in Hong Kong with Lumina as platform. A new era of the working of God is happening among us. 

Asbury President Dr. Sandra C. Gray and Lumina President Dr. Wing Tai Leung signed a partnership agreement.

June 14, 2017  Asbury Announces Partnership With Lumina College



Provost of Cairn University Dr. Brian Toews came to Lumina College to sign a collaborative agreement with President Dr. Wing Tai Leung.



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