International Conference Papers Synopsis (January 25-27, 2018)

Lumina College has organized an International Conference on “Christian Mind in the Emerging World: Academic Faith Integration in Asian Contexts and Global Perspectives” on January 25- 27, 2018.  There are altogether 24 papers collected and will be published as a book volume by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK by the end of 2018 or early 2019.  Enclosed herewith are the synopses of 12 representative papers put up in this website for all our friends of Lumina College so as to let them have some ideas of what we have been discussed during the conference.  The synopses of these representative papers are as follows:

1. Claudia BEVERSLUIS: “Better Lovers: The Shape of Love in Higher Education”;


2. Karen LONGMAN: “Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Major Contributors to Faith Integration in the Context of U.S. Christian Higher Education”;
3. Wing Tai LEUNG: “Christian Higher Education in a Globalizing World: A Co-Creation Story”;
4. Kuk Won SHIN: “Mapping Christian Scholarship in a Pluralist Korean Society: Incorporating the Reformed Worldview with the ‘Missional’ Vision”;
5. Geoff & Elizabeth BEECH: “From ‘Integration’ to ‘Integrity’: A Model of teaching and research in Australasian Contexts”;
6. Peter Tze Ming NG: “Education of Love and Humanity: Dialectics at Work between the Global and the Local in Chinese Context”;
7. Kai Pak CHAN: “Encountering Technology with Traditional Chinese Five Cardinal Relationships”;
8. Grace KOO: “Beyond Positive Psychology to Spiritual Well-Being: Integrating Faith in Teaching Psychology at the University”;
9. Albert ERISMAN: “The Purpose and Practice of Business for Christians in the Asian-Chinese Context”;
10. Susan FELCH: “The Craft of Christian Higher Education”;
11. Albert BOEREMA: “Five Theses on Christian Educational Leadership”;
12. Aaron BOHN: “Cinematic Identity: Examining the Intersection of Christianity and Culture in East and South East Asia Through Film”.


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