Lumina Seminar in co-operation with Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum of The University of Hong Kong - "Science, Christianity, and the Meaning of Success"

Dr. Trevor Sofield, moderator of the seminar, gave a brief introduction on the mission of Lumina College.


One of our speakers, Dr. Mike Brownnutt, invited members of the audience to take part in a warm-up activity.


Dr. Mike Brownnutt talked about ways of "Being the Best".


Prof. Pauline Chiu shared her experience and insights about being successful in the academic world.


Prof. Pauline Chiu related her role and work as a university academic to God's commandments in the Bible.


The audience came from a wide range of backgrounds including consultants, business professionals, and university professors.


Our speakers inspired lots of comments and questions from the audience.


Audience shared their views and thoughts in the group discussion sessions.


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